St. Louis LGBT Lawyer

When you are faced with a traumatic event, it’s important to surround yourself with people who not only care about you but also understand what you are going through. When members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) community are presented with legal issues, especially St. Louis personal injury cases,a big concern is that the lawyers involved won’t understand the unique circumstances.

I can assist the Missouri and Illinois lesbian and gay community with a variety of legal issues including:

Personal Injury (car crash, accident, falls, premises liability);

Housing discrimination;

Employment discrimination.


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Handling your LGBT Legal Matters

Not all lawyers understand the LGBT Community and the unique perspectives that one who has experience can bring. Take for example, the following hypothetical – a lesbian woman is severely injured a car crash. She lives with her longtime partner. There are several legal issues that these two women might now face. Who is going to make the medical care decisions for the injured woman if she is unable to do so? If she now lacks the mental capacity, who is going to make her financial decisions for her? If her partner cares for her and as a result loses time from work and also loses precious time with her domestic partner, can she be compensated (loss of consortium claim) as though she were a spouse? What if the injured woman dies as a result of her injuries – can her partner file a wrongful death claim? How will her estate be handled? These are all questions that many people don’t think about until it is too late and as a result, most people aren’t prepared for these issues when something bad does happen.

You can read more at the Missouri Injury Law site or the St. Louis Injury Attorney Blog.

Unique Legal Representation for the Unique Individual

While there are many lawyers out there, very few have taken the time to learn about these delicate issues that the LGBT community faces each day. Even fewer lawyers are actually a part of the LGBT community. It is important to find a lawyer with both qualities – the knowledge of how to deal with these issues but also the first hand experience with the legal hurdles that the LGBT community deals with. This website is designed to provide a legal resource for the LGBT community. It is my hope that the community can turn to this website for not only updates on local and national LBGT news and developments but also as a source of information on the most common legal matters, safety concerns, and other issues our fellow members face.

You can read more at the Missouri Injury Law site or the St. Louis Injury Attorney Blog.